Panel Types

BRAVO offers a wide variety of panel types to fit your specific application. From filled steel panels to structural composite panels, the BRAVO team can help you find the access floor system for your project.

Features for Intelligent Buildings

BRAVO Access Floor systems offer unequaled value by allowing your building to remain at state of the art technology throughout its life. A BRAVO building avoids obsolesces by giving you:

Flexibility - A BRAVO building can accept changing workstations, layouts, and requirements with minimum time, disruption, and cost.

Adaptability - A BRAVO building has the capability to add new technology to the workstation with minimum effort and cost.

Unlimited Capacity - A BRAVO building has a gigantic wiring closet and wire distribution cavity under the access floor.

Value of Investment - A BRAVO building returns the initial investment through cost changes and maintenance. Future lease-ability is guaranteed by keeping the building at state of the art.

BRAVO Understructure - A system for very application. Cornerlock, rigid grid, and low finished floor heights available.

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