Filled Steel Panels

Filled steel panels are the most common type of raised floor panel. They come in a full array of loading capacity and offer higher rolling capacity than hollow steel panels.  Filled steel panels offer higher rolling loads and ultimate loads making them ideal for the structural loads of the modern data center.

It should be noted that the BRAVO panels and systems are the most copied access floor system in the world to date. Although we take pride in this, our extended policy is “Why buy a copy when you can have the original product that set the standard in the industry.”

Finish Options

BRAVO access floor panels can be bought bare to receive field applied finishes or with factory applied high pressure laminate. High pressure laminate is the most common kind of raised floor finish for data centers. BRAVO offers five standard colors to choose from that can be viewed by clicking here.

Performance Chart

Panel Type Concentrated Load Safety Factor Ultimate   Impact
FS1000 1000 Pass 3000 150
FS1250 1250 Pass 3750 150
FS1500 1500 Pass 4500 150
FS2000 2000 Pass 6000 150
FS2500 2500 Pass 7500 150
Panel Type

     Rollng Load

   (10,000 Pass)

    Rolling Load

       (10 Pass)

    Flame Spread

     Panel Grade 

FS1000 800 600 Class A Light
FS1250 1000 800 Class A Medium
FS1500 1250 1000 Class A Heavy
FS2000 1525 1250 Class A Industrial
FS2500 2000 2000 Class A Industrial
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